How fast are mobile-apps? You can soon test on Speedtest!

08 Dec 2017 | By NewsBytes Desk to soon test app speeds too

Global broadband testing leader Ookla's popular Internet performance monitoring platform would soon allow users to test speeds of mobile apps.

The new feature would be similar to other performance testing tools like DownDetector. It would be helpful when some app is running slow or suffers an outage.

Ookla Co-Founder & General Manager, Doug Suttles, confirmed they are working on the feature.

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In context: to soon test app speeds too

08 Dec 2017How fast are mobile-apps? You can soon test on Speedtest!

Competitors are pretending to monitor apps: Suttles

Doug Suttles stated: "We're very much working on this (app-speed-testing feature). It's a different thing to measure. The right way to do this is to monitor applications themselves. We've seen such services from our competitors pretending to measure those applications, when they don't really."
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Stay updated with the latest happenings. to deliver more insights to consumers to deliver more insights to consumers would address another key issue users face while testing Internet speed: insufficient data to find the actual reason behind the slow network.

Contrary to what many think, Internet speed depends on modems and user's device capabilities apart from telecom networks.

So, would provide more insights next year, including whether nearby users are facing similar issues with a particular app or Internet.

New tools arriving next year

Suttles said: "We will introduce new tools to help users understand what the problem is. This is the most important thing we're going to release in 2018. Hopefully, very early in the year. Some really neat things that have been developed and we're finishing it."

JioImpact of Reliance Jio on Indian telecom space

Speaking about India's telecom sector and Internet adoption, Doug Suttles said Reliance Jio's entry has shaken up India's market.

He said: "We follow many countries and trends. It (Jio's impact) has been different and unique from what have we seen in a very long, long time."

Over the last two years, Internet speeds increased in India, which attributes to 8% of's total test-volume.

You can soon take SIM-wise speed tests, too! is also working on deploying high-end technologies to measure and analyze cellular and home networks separately. It would help users measure SIM-wise Internet speeds in dual-SIM devices. They can choose their active SIM and then test the speed.