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12 Dec 2017

What is the net worth of brand Virushka?

Decoding the power-brand Virushka

Anushka Sharma has finally taken home Virat Kohli, India's most eligible bachelor, in a dreamy Tuscan wedding on December 11.

As Bollywood and cricket get tied in matrimony one more time, India has found a new power-couple, Virushka.

Here, we decode what makes both Virat and Anushka such powerful youth influencers and how their combined brand could send the ad world into a tizzy.

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Decoding the power-brand Virushka
What makes Anushka and Virat so popular?

Bumper success

What makes Anushka and Virat so popular?

Virushka are the ideal representatives of the Indian youth. They are young, fiercely energetic, focused, urbane, suave and at the top of their games, both of which are revered in India.

He is the captain of the Indian cricket team. She is a Bollywood superstar. Their union was meant to be explosive. Together they have a combined Twitter and Instagram following of 56.6 million.


Let's talk money: Anushka Sharma's net worth, businesses, investments

One of India's youngest film producers, Anushka's studio Clean Slate Films is known for making critically-acclaimed movies like NH10 and Phillauri. In October, she launched her own clothing line called Nush.

She reportedly charges Rs. 10 crore per film and Rs. 4 crore per advertisement. Anushka currently endorses 10 brands including Pepsi and Nush. Finapp estimates her net worth to be Rs. 220 crore.

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There's a lot more to Virat Kohli than cricket


There's a lot more to Virat Kohli than cricket

One of the world's wealthiest sportspersons, Virat's net worth is estimated at Rs. 390 crore.

His per match fee is Rs. 3L for ODIs, Rs. 5L for Tests and Rs. 2L for T20s. He charges Rs. 14 crore per IPL season.

The face of 18 luxury brands, he reportedly charges Rs. 5 crore a day per endorsement, and Rs. 3 crore per Instagram post.

The other businesses of Virat Kohli

Apart from a stellar career in cricket, Virat has several other businesses. He has invested in a sports start-up, owns a chain of gyms called Chisel, and co-owns UAE Royals, a Dubai tennis team. He has personal properties and investments worth Rs. 60 crore.

Made in heaven?

It's not just two people, but two brands coming together

Virushka have always been the ad world's darlings.

From their Clear Shampoo ad, through which they first met, to the recent Manyavar video, in which they took their personalized marital vows, the evolution of their four-year old relationship can be traced through their endorsements.

Their wedding has added tremendously to their popularity and brand value, making them more desirable to ad-gurus than ever.

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