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19 Dec 2017

Okinawa launches the fastest electric-scooter "Praise" at Rs. 59,889!

All about Okinawa Autotech's electric scooters!

Gurugram-based Okinawa Autotech has launched its flagship e-scooter Praise at Rs. 59,889 (Delhi ex-showroom).

The new electric scooter has a top speed of 75kmph, making it the fastest electric two-wheeler in India.

Offering the best-in-class range, Praise runs 170-200km on a single-charge at an effective cost of 10Paise/km.

Okinawa said its two-wheelers are focused on low running and maintenance costs and zero-pollution.

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In context

All about Okinawa Autotech's electric scooters!
Battery can charge 80% in just 45 minutes

Praise E-Scooter

Battery can charge 80% in just 45 minutes

Praise has an advanced and safe charging system. It is powered by a 45Ah lithium-ion battery, which has a 2,000-cycle lifespan.

The removable 9kg battery can be charged separately or while fitted in the e-scooter.

Okinawa claims it takes only 45 minutes to get a charge of 80%; it runs 170-200km on a single charge. The battery also has a three-year replacement warranty.

Praise comes in three speed modes

Praise is propelled driven by a high-phase BLDC motor with a maximum output of 2,500 watts. The water-resistant motor offers three different speed modes: Economy (35kmph), Sporty (65kmph), and the best-in-class Turbo (75kmph). The motor's torque output ranges from 18-40Nm for quick acceleration.

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Other Features

Praise's unique features make it a desirable option

Okinawa's Praise features a fully-digital instrument console, adjustable brake levers, and LED lights.

It runs on a set of stylish 12-inch alloy wheels and also has gas-charged dual rear shock-absorbers coupled with telescopic front suspensions, ensuring a comfortable ride.

Its unique safety features include dual front disc brakes, single rear disc brake, E-ABS (Electronic-Assisted Braking System), and a side-stand safety sensor.

Praise can be booked at 100 dealerships


Praise can be booked at 100 dealerships

Praise is the second e-scooter launched by Okinawa in the country, the first being the Ridge priced at Rs. 43,702.

Bookings for the Praise e-scooter started last month on 24 November. It can be booked for Rs. 2,000 at nearly 100 dealership showrooms across India.

Okinawa is offering the Praise in three color variants - purple, blue, and golden - with black highlights.


About Okinawa Autotech

The company's website says that Okinawa Autotech is an Indian electric two-wheeler manufacturer.

Okinawa was founded in 2015 by Jeetender Sharma and Rupali Sharma. It was established with a mission to bring pioneering technology and cutting-edge designs and develop two-wheelers "that can drive our present towards a sustainable future."

The company is headquartered in Gurugram. Its manufacturing unit is located in Rajasthan's Bhiwadi.

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