Infosys hires top Silicon Valley talent for Mana

13 Jun 2016 | By Sneha Johny

Software exporter Infosys is betting heavily on its new artificial intelligence (AI) platform Mana, expecting the computing system to garner billions of dollars in revenue.

The company is building a core team of key executives and technologists around the platform.

The tech company hired top Silicon Valley talent, as it attempts to build an AI platform that can potentially rival IBM's flagship system, Watson.

In context: Infosys hires top Silicon Valley talent for Mana

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the branch of computer science concerned with making computers behave like humans. The term was coined in 1956 by John McCarthy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Infosys, IBMHow it all began : Infosys and IBM

Infosys was co-founded in 1981 by seven engineers, and is currently headed by Vishal Sikka, CEO and MD of Infosys.

Headquartered at Bangalore, India, it was later renamed to "Infosys Limited" in June 2011.

IBM, headquartered at New York, originated in 1911 as the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (CTR) founded by Charles Ranlett Flint, and was soon nickanmed Big Blue by securities analysts for its size.

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9 Feb 2013IBM launches supercomputer Watson

Watson was invented as a question answering computer system capable of answering questions posed in natural language.

The supercomputer was named after IBM's first CEO and industrialist Thomas J. Watson.

IBM announced that Watson software system's first commercial application would be for utilization management decisions in lung cancer treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in conjunction with health insurance company WellPoint.

29 Apr 2016Infosys launches AI platform Mana

Infosys launched an artificial intelligence platform 'Mana', a cognitive computing system that will help clients drive automation and innovation.

The company said that the platform will enable businesses to continuously reinvent their system landscapes and lower maintenance cost of assets.

Coupled with Aikido service offerings, the system will allow people to focus on the higher value work and on breakthrough innovation, the company said.

13 Jun 2016Infosys hires top Silicon Valley talent for Mana

Who? Infosys scrambles for top Silicon Valley talent

The software company has hired top talent such as former Google executive Sudhir Jha who has been hired as a senior vice president to head product management and strategy around Mana

Jha will report to current Infosys platform's head and former SAP executive Abdul Razack, said Samson David, who has been tasked by Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka to head the Mana team.

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Infosys bets on AI platform Mana

"Mana is fundamentally the core platform of transformation for us -it encapsulates everything that we stand for and everything that we're betting on." - Samson David, Global head of Cloud, Infrastructure and Security, Infosys.