Docomo begins operations

Aug 1991
Docomo begins operations
  • NTT Docomo Inc. is a Japanese mobile-phone operator with phone, video phone, internet and mail services.
  • Docomo emerged in 1991 from Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) and took over the mobile cellular operations.
  • NTT Docomo created the W-CDMA technology and the mobile-i mode service. The giant was also a founding member of the Symbian Foundation.

Docomo devices Early Earthquake Alert

Do you know?

In 2008, Docomo came-up with the "Area Mail Disaster Information Service" that broadcasted Early Earthquake Warnings. It had an unique ring-tone and the services were not charged.

The Tata-Docomo acquisition deal

12 Nov 2008
The Tata-Docomo acquisition deal
  • NTT Docomo acquired a 26% stake in Tata Teleservices for $2.7 Billion. Docomo also made an open joint-tender offer with Tata Sons to buy-up 20% in a Tata Tele listed unit as per compliance.
  • A commitment to get 50% of the acquisition price if Docomo exited within 5 years was also formulated.
  • JP Morgan advised Docomo while Lazard advised Tata Teleservices.

Docomo enters the Indian market

Docomo enters the Indian market
  • Docomo nominated three executives for Tata Tele's board of directors to enhance their values, and joint activities.
  • It had also proposed an additional investment in Tata Tele, which was eying expansion and enhanced revenue in the Indian market.
  • Docomo and Tata came-up with Tata Docomo, i-Channel and Docomics, a mobile manga service and 3G services.

With no new investors, Tata offers to buy-out Docomo

6 May 2014
With no new investors, Tata offers to buy-out Docomo
  • Docomo proposed to exit the deal due to falling performance. Tata group accumulated funds to buy-out NTT Docomo's stake as it failed to find a new investor.
  • This paved way for at least Rs 7250 crore payment, the half of Docomo's investment or a market-linked value.
  • The deal was a dampener for new investors due to Tata Tele's negative net-worth and accumulated debts.

Docomo files arbitration request in London

6 Jan 2015
Docomo files arbitration request in London
  • NTT DoCoMo filed arbitration request in London to find investor for its Tata Tele stake as Tata failed to meet the deadline on 3 December.
  • Since the proposed "put option" scheme was incongruous with RBI norms, Tata looked for solutions. The group also assured that "divestment" was not a choice
  • "Tata Sons will continue its endeavour to find an amicable solution," said a spokesperson.

Tata to buy Docomo's stake in Tata Tele

20 Jul 2015
Tata to buy Docomo's stake in Tata Tele
  • The Tata Group had made a proposal to buy-out NTT Docomo's shares for Rs 23.34 per share.
  • RBI conceded to Tata's valuations for DoCoMo buy-out. The pre-agreed valuation of Rs 58 a share was turned down and it insisted on a fair-maket value.
  • This spelled a lower valuation in the stake and a fractional value due to depreciated Yen valuations against Dollars for Docomo.