Air India looks to woo travelers with Wi-Fi on board

21 Oct 2016 | By Sneha Johny
Air India flyers set to gain Wi-Fi?

Indian airline carrier Air India is eyeing better services on air to gain travelers, and help boost its revenues.

Reports stated that Air India is in talks with BSNL to help enable Wi-Fi on board.

After recording its first profit in over a decade, the carrier is looking to invigorate its popularity amongst flyers and compete with other private players in the aviation market.

In context: Air India flyers set to gain Wi-Fi?

AboutAir India

Air India is one of India's largest government-controlled airlines.

Headquartered in Delhi, it was founded nearly 70 years ago when the famed J.R.D. Tata launched the Tata Airlines in 1932.

Now grown to accommodate a fleet size nearing 107, the airline has over 85 destinations under its belt.

After the airline merged with Indian Airlines, it has been piling up losses starting 2006.

Heavy lossesAir India's financial woes and plunging losses

In early 2006, Air India faced plunging revenues and losses piled up to touch Rs.541 crore, while Indian Airlines saw losses of around Rs.230 crore.

In another two years, after both the airlines merged, their combined losses mounted to a whopping Rs.7,200 crore.

This reflected an 800% increase in the losses for the merged company.

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Air India looks to popularize brand amongst flyers

26 Jul 2016Air India looks to popularize brand amongst flyers

Although the government-owned carrier has proven itself to be a cheaper option amongst flyers, data published earlier this year highlights a different story in terms of satisfaction.

Statistics highlighted that Air India's flyers saw the highest amount of complaints, with growing delays and poor service.

Analysts stated that unless the airline amps up its customer service, its ratings and popularity were bound to decline.

21 Oct 2016Air India looks to woo travelers with Wi-Fi on board

21 Oct 2016Air India eyes international flights for Wi-Fi provision

Since the airline giant runs multiple services to international destinations, Air India was looking to provide internet services on air in long flights.

This provision is currently being provided by other global airlines to their customers.

The main factor for this provision hinges on the costs and feasibility of the project.

Two years earlier, Air India had engaged with Geneva-based OnAir for Wi-Fi installation.