Samsung launches Mumbai's first Cinema LED at Inox


07 Dec 2018

Samsung's 10 times brighter 'Cinema LED' launches in Mumbai

In a bid to upgrade conventional movie-watching experience, Samsung has launched its revolutionary Cinema LED at INOX Mumbai.

The screen, officially dubbed 'Onyx', is first of its kind to open in the city of Bollywood and the second to debut in India.

It promises visually-rich lifelike content and is said to be 10 times brighter than regular projector-based screens.

Here's all about it.

Onyx LED

What makes this screen better than others?

What makes this screen better than others?

The new screen is not just brighter but is also equipped with a contrast ratio of infinity to one, instead of the regular 2,500 to one.

It is not affected by ambient light, a feature that enables it to hold consistent and distortion-free picture even when the lights are on.

This capability, as Samsung says, would open theaters to more applications beyond movie-viewing.

Statement from Puneet Sethi, Samsung India VP

"The hundred-year-old projection technology will be a thing of the past," Puneet Sethi said at the launch of Cinema LED. "With INOX Onyx, welcome true colors, bring alive the LED Screen with real life like picture quality and exhilarating [surround] sound driven by JBL."

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Ticket price

What would be the ticket price for this screen?

Though Cinema LED has just been launched, INOX has stated that ticket prices for movies running on the screen won't be higher, Reuters reported.

"For now, INOX is planning to keep the ticket price for a movie with the Onyx screen the same as the one with a normal screen," INOX CEO Alok Tandon said in a statement.

More screens

And, Samsung plans to launch more such screens

And, Samsung plans to launch more such screens

Since launching the first Onyx screen last year in Korea, Samsung has successfully installed 26 such screens across the globe.

In India, the company plans to add two more screens by the end of this year and some 15-20 panels in 2019.

Sethi has expressed confidence that going forward, more cinema chains will invest in Samsung's next-generation display technology.

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