Uber set to explore flying cars for its commuters

28 Oct 2016 | By Sneha Johny
Uber's aim to reach the skies

Uber has outlined plans to provide electric flying cars to its commuters within the next ten years.

The American cab-network giant is planning to collaborate with automakers to launch this plan into reality.

With mounting hype surrounding Uber after its self-driving and autonomous vehicles and trucks, the vision of enabling flying cars has experts thinking of the unimaginable becoming a reality.

In context: Uber's aim to reach the skies


Uber is a popular American online cab aggregator that helps network cab drivers to riders.

Relying heavily on a mobile application platform, users of the company's app can request for a trip and an available driver at the nearest location is mapped to the customer.

Starting out seven years ago, the company has touched revenue figures amounting to $1.5 billion last year.

InformationThe world of flying cars

Ever since 1917, visionaries across the world have attempted to build cars that could fly, despite falling short of making this a reality.

The Curtiss Autoplane developed in 1917 managed a few hops, but never really took off to the sky.

Soon afterwards, the Airphibian, a plane for roads, was invented.

The successful Airphibian faced a dearth of funds and couldn't reach the market.

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Flying cars' patents flood United States' patent office

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has chronicled an increasing number of patents coming their way. At present, over 80 patents for flying cars are on file at the office.
Tesla, Google in the race for flying cars

Flying carsTesla, Google in the race for flying cars

Earlier this year, Elon Musk, the founder of American auto giant Tesla, unveiled the development of an autonomous flying car, Model F.

Musk stated that the car would be ready to ship by 2019.

Reports revealed that Google founder, Larry Page, funded a small start-up called Zee.Aero in 2010, that is now working to build a flying car.

In development: Terrafugia's flying car

American private firm Terrafugia is presently developing a flying car that is set to reach commercial markets by 2026. Pitched to cost nearly $120,000, the flying car is estimated to have a speed of 200 mph.

28 Oct 2016Uber set to explore flying cars for its commuters