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12 Jan 2019

Disney CEO Robert Iger's salary increases by 80%

Disney is perhaps the most recognizable and iconic brand in the entertainment industry.

2018 has been a crucial year for the investors, employees and fans of the Walt Disney Company.

This has been reflected in the salary of the chairman and CEO Robert Iger, which was disclosed as part of an SEC filing.

Read to know how much money Disney's CEO actually earns.

In context

Can you guess how much Disney's CEO earns?

Salary hike

Iger's stock-awards this year four times more than 2017 salary

Iger saw an 80% hike putting his current earnings at $65.6 million, approximately Rs. 462 crore.

Iger's salary is $2.875 million this fiscal year, which is nearly Rs. 20 crore. Notably, he made $2.5 million in 2017, which is approximately Rs. 17 crore.

His stock awards this year were $35.5 million or Rs. 250 crore, four times more than his remuneration in 2017.

Iger led Disney to great glory in entertainment

Iger took over the post from former CEO Michael Eisner in 2005. Since then, he made major moves including acquiring Pixar in 2006, Marvel Entertainment in 2009 followed by the 2012 purchase of Lucasfilm, the company formerly belonging to Star Wars' creator George Lucas.

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Latest acquisition

Iger recently closed deal on 21st Century Fox, its assets

Iger recently closed the deal on 21st Century Fox and its assets.

Disney is paying $71.3 billion, which comes to a whopping Rs. 50,185 crore, for the acquisition of Fox Film and TV studio, some cable channels, the broadcast network, Star India and more.

This move will allow MCU access to Fox-owned Marvel characters.

The recent acquisition also explains Iger's bump in earnings.


Other top tier salaries in Disney

Apart from Iger, the company disclosed other top-tier members' earnings in 2018.

These include CFO Christine McCarthy who made $11.8 million or Rs. 83 crore, Alan Braverman, the general counsel, making $10.4 million or Rs. 73 crore, chief strategy officer Kevin Mayer who made $11.6 million or Rs. 81 crore and Jayne Parker, chief human resources officer, earning $6.8 million or Rs. 47 crore.

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Most asked questions

How old is Bob Iger?

Will Fox characters now come to MCU?

What Marvel characters are owned by 21st Century Fox?

When is 'Avengers: Endgame' releasing?

More questions

How old is Bob Iger?

Asked 2019-01-12 17:33:00 by Ishan Chopra

Answered by NewsBytes

Disney's CEO Bob Iger is 67 years old.

Will Fox characters now come to MCU?

Asked 2019-01-12 17:33:00 by Muhammad Das

Answered by NewsBytes

Yes, following the acquisition of 21st Century Fox, their characters could come to the MCU.

What Marvel characters are owned by 21st Century Fox?

Asked 2019-01-12 17:33:00 by Saanvi Tambe

Answered by NewsBytes

Fantastic Four, Deadpool, X-Men are all Marvel characters owned by 21st Century Fox.

When is 'Avengers: Endgame' releasing?

Asked 2019-01-12 17:33:00 by Dhruv Yadav

Answered by NewsBytes

Avengers: Endgame is releasing on April 26, 2019.

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