The world's richest and what they control

03 Dec 2016 | Written by Sneha Johny; Edited by NewsBytes Desk
The world's richest and their wealth

Across the globe, with rising differences over the wealth owned by the richest and the poorest, the United States is perched on top with the maximum billionaires.

Data revealed that the country was home to billionaires who owned 33.2% of the wealth.

Following behind is the United Kingdom and Japan, while India has a quarter of the world's poorest 20%

In context: The world's richest and their wealth

InequalityWealth distribution

With growing income inequality amongst the world's population, studies have revealed that the top 3 richest billionaires own assets that are more than the world's poorest 10%.

From a net worth of $1 trillion in 2000, these billionaires have seen it peak to over $7 trillion last year.

Data reveals that the top 30% in the wealth table owns 97% of the world's wealth.

The wealth figures

In 2010, there were 388 people whose wealth equalled the poorest half across the globe. After a gradual decline over the last six years, the number touched 62 billionaires last year.
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Charting the wealth trends over the years

TrendsCharting the wealth trends over the years

The amount of wealth owned and controlled by the world's richest 1% saw a scintillating increase from around 44% in 2009 to 48% last year.

The data by Oxfam, a charity research company, also showed that it estimates the world's wealthiest 1% to own over 50% by the end of this year.

$600 billion was the increase for billionaires in the last four years.

Big wealthWho are these billionaires?

Microsoft's Bill Gates tops the big money list with a total wealth of $77 billion.

The owner of the popular clothing brand Zara, Amancio Ortega, owns nearly $67 billion.

The successful investor, Warren Buffet, follows behind with a fortune worth $60 billion.

Taking the fourth place is Amazon's Jeff Bezos, worth $50.4 billion, while Mexican Carlos Slim takes the fifth spot with $48.7 billion.

03 Dec 2016The world's richest and what they control

World's richestHow does India sit on the rankings?

The report, published by Credit Suisse, showed that one in every 200 in the world's richest chart was an Indian.

The list of billionaires from the US, UK and Japan combined currently own most of the world's wealth.

Despite India's chart on the wealthy, the nation's poorest also inched to the bottom of the wealth pyramid.

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25 Jan 2017Gates's wealth to be half of India-GDP in 25 years

A report by Oxfam stated that Bill Gates's wealth would be half of India's GDP in 25 years. He could become the world's first trillionaire.

The report sheds light on the growing financial-inequality in the world.

It would also mean his wealth would surpass the GDP of countries like Indonesia.

It said Gates's wealth had increased by 50% since he left Microsoft in 2006.