Bugatti's EV for 'kids' costs Rs. 23 lakh


13 Mar 2019

'Bugatti Baby' returns as EV, priced at Rs. 23 lakh

After unveiling the world's most expensive car at the Geneva Motor Show, French automaker Bugatti has revived its classic 'Bugatti Baby'.

The scaled down avatar of the iconic Bugatti Type 35 racer has been given a modern makeover and electric powertrain.

It can be driven by both kids and adults, and comes at a price tag of Rs. 23 lakh.

Here are the details.


Bugatti Baby designed for Ettore Bugatti's youngest son

Bugatti Baby designed for Ettore Bugatti's youngest son

Bugatti made some 500 'Baby' models between 1927 and 1936.

However, the first one of the lot was specifically designed for founder Ettore Bugatti's eldest son Ronald - for his fourth birthday.

Now, on its 110th birthday, the automaker has revived the 'Baby' in a modern avatar, enhanced with its signature leather seats, turned aluminium dashboard, four-spoke steering wheel, and custom instruments.


Limited run model for both adults and kids

The original Bugatti Baby was a half-scale version of Type 35, but the new model will be a bigger, three-quarters-size replica.

As such, along with kids, even adults would be able to slide behind the wheel of the new Baby.

Bugatti also says that the car will be a limited edition masterpiece, with only 500 models being built and sold.

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Electric powertrain

Electric powertrain under the hood

Electric powertrain under the hood

Under the hood, Bugatti Baby II features a rear-wheel-drive electric powertrain.

The car runs on removable lithium-ion battery packs and sports two different power modes for kids and adults.

The child mode produces about 1 kilowatt of power with a top speed of 20kmph, while the adult mode delivers 4 kilowatts and maxes out at about 45kmph.

Plus, there will be a 'speed key' upgrade

For those needing more power, Bugatti will offer an optional 'speed key' upgrade that would produce 10 kW of power, unlocking the full potential of the car.


Pricing and availability

Bugatti has priced Baby II at 30,000 euros or approximately Rs. 23 lakh.

At the Geneva Motor Show, the car was displayed in traditional French Racing Blue, but Bugatti says other color options would also be available to the buyers.

The production of the car will begin this fall and interested buyers can reserve a build slot from Bugatti's website.

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