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20 Mar 2019

#FinancialBytes: 'Secret' Amex Black Card's perks you didn't know about

The American Express Centurion Card for the uber-rich, popularly known as Amex Black Card, is the ultimate status symbol in the credit card world.

It's available by invite only to those who meet certain criteria; nobody knows who all actually own it. In India, only a few hundred super-rich people, including businessmen and celebrities, have it.

Here are 5 perks of Amex Black Card.


The ultra-exclusive Amex Black Card has unlimited spending limit

The ultra-exclusive Amex Black Card has unlimited spending limit

The Amex Black Card, made of titanium, offers a ton of benefits of which only a few are "known".

It comes with an unlimited spending limit and offers 7 Amex Platinum supplementary cards for free.

It has a one-time joining fee of Rs. 2 lakh and a Rs. 2.5 lakh annual fee.

The exact criteria to be met for the invite-only card are unknown.


24×7 access to dedicated personal concierge services

Amex Black Card is all about perks and benefits rather than reward points.

One of the best perks offered to the cardholders is the 24x7 personal concierge services around the world.

The concierge services include air ticketing assistance with complimentary offers, flight upgrades, personal shopper for luxury brands, access to star restaurants, complimentary suites and rooms at star hotels, access to global luxury shows/festivals.

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#3: Cardholders get a ton of complimentary memberships

The Amex Black Card also comes with several prestigious memberships. Cardholders can enjoy a range of complimentary Hilton Hotels Diamond membership, Accor Hotels Platinum membership, Shangri La Inner Circle Gold membership, British Airways Gold Membership, and Etihad Airways Gold membership among others.


Black Card users can enjoy range of travel perks

Black Card users can enjoy range of travel perks

Amex Black Card offers many travel benefits like discounted air tickets, business class seats, VIP airport lounge access, luxury villa and car rentals, etc.

Upon booking business-class/first-class air tickets, users can enjoy free "Meet and Greet" service for assistance for a lot of things, even immigration.

They can also enjoy exclusive offers at select restaurants/hotels globally, including special deals/discounts on rooms, free upgrades, etc.

#5: Shop anywhere in the world with unlimited spending limit

Another exciting perk of Amex Black Card is that cardholders can shop anywhere across the world without any limit on spending. They can go to luxury brand outlets, auctions, or anywhere and swipe their card. They can also attend some of the biggest fashion weeks.

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