TRAI rules: Tata Sky DTH channel plans, prices


08 Apr 2019

Here's everything about Tata Sky's DTH channel packs and prices

The new DTH regulations introduced by TRAI have come into effect, prompting DTH and cable operators to offer packages as per revised rules.

However, to simplify channel selection, service providers have categorized channels in different buckets.

Today, we look at how Tata Sky has updated its subscription plans and channel packs for new and existing customers.

Here's everything to know.

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Firstly, let's talk about the new rules

Firstly, let's talk about the new rules

According to the new TRAI regulations, all DTH providers will have to provide a base pack with at least 100 free-to-air channels.

Your DTH service provider will charge Rs. 153.4 (inclusive of taxes) for the first 100 channels.

However, if you select more than 100 channels, the fee will increase by Rs. 23.60 (inclusive of taxes) for every 25 channels.

Tata Sky offers channel packs in five different categories

In a bid to comply with the latest DTH rules, Tata Sky has listed the availability of channel packs and their prices in five categories: Tata Sky Curated Packs, Tata Sky Regional Packs, Tata Sky Add On/Mini packs, Broadcaster Packs, and A-la-Carte channels.

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Category #1

Tata Sky Curated Packs

Under this category, you first have an FTA Basic Pack which offers a mix of 100 SD Free-to-Air channels from different genres. Notably, this pack costs Rs. 0/month.

Further, the Pan-India Curated pack offers 14 different plans, starting at Rs. 179/month for Hindi Bachat plan and goes upto Rs. 745/month for Premium Sports English HD plan.

You also have 12 regional curated packs.

Category #2

Tata Sky Regional Packs

Tata Sky Regional Packs

Tata Sky Regional Packages offer 33 regional packs covering nine local languages.

In this category, six plans come as FTA ones, providing upto 16 free channels.

In the paid category, there are 27 packs which start at Rs. 7/month for the "Gujarati Regional" plan that has four channels and go upto Rs. 216/month for Telugu Regional HD package that includes 21 channels.

Category #3

Tata Sky Add On/Mini Packs

In this category, Tata Sky provides 27 genre-based plans covering sports, music, movies, etc.

Here, you get only one no-cost pack called the "FTA English News" that includes 13 English news channels.

Paid plans start at Rs. 5/month for the Hindi news plan which includes 9 channels and go upto Rs. 162/month for an English HD movie pack that includes 12 channels.

Category #4

Tata Sky: Broadcaster Packs

Tata Sky: Broadcaster Packs

In this category, Tata Sky gives access to all the channels which come under one broadcaster such as Discovery, Star, NDTV.

It has listed a total of 16 broadcasters and each offers multiple packs of their own channels.

For example, Star offers 72 different channel packs starting at Rs. 29.50/month while Discovery has a total of 12 channel packs which start at Rs. 7.08/month

Category #5

The Channels aka A-la-Carte

The Channels section lets you create a base pack by picking your favorite channels from Tata Sky's complete catalog.

Under this option, you'll have the freedom to select from 24 different categories, such as English movies, music, and news and individually pay for each channel.

In this category, you have channels starting from Rs. 0 (FTA) to Rs. 22.42.

There's also a Tata Sky Flexi Annual Plan

Tata Sky has recently introduced a new Flexi Annual Plan under which subscribers will be required to pay an annual fee for their subscription (cost of monthly plan x 12) and after the 12-month period, one month's subscription fee will be credited to user's account.

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