Volkswagen bids farewell to the iconic Beetle


11 Jul 2019

#ByeByeBeetle: Volkswagen's iconic Beetle officially bids farewell

After more than eight decades of existence, Volkswagen has officially bid farewell to the iconic Beetle.

The compact coupe debuted as an affordable vehicle during Nazi-era Germany, winning over hearts around the world with its unique 'bug-like' look.

However, it received the final send-off on Wednesday when the German automaker rolled the last Beetle off the production line.

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Beetle gets the final send-off

Beetle gets the final send-off

In the early morning hours of Wednesday, dozens of workers gathered at Volkswagen's plant in central Puebla, Mexico, to give Beetle the send-off it deserved.

They wore bright yellow coats that read 'Thanks Beetle' to witness the last of the final edition of Beetle come off the production line.

The whole environment turned festive as they all celebrated the heritage of the iconic compact.


Last Beetle to be displayed at Mexican museum

The end of Beetle is disappointing, but it doesn't come as a major surprise because Volkswagen had announced the move last year itself.

The company plans to display the last unit of the bug at the Volkswagen museum as a tribute to its rich heritage.

Meanwhile, the production capacity freed from its departure would be leveraged to produce VW Tarek SUV in 2020.

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A quick look at Beetle's rich history

A quick look at Beetle's rich history

Interestingly, under the command of Adolf Hitler, Ferdinand Porche developed the first Beetle in the year 1938.

The vehicle came as an affordable people's car and became a success story over the ensuing decades, thanks to its unique bug-like design.

The US run of the car ended in 1979 but Volkswagen revived and restyled it twice, in 1998 and 2011.


Recent versions failed to take off

Though Beetle became insanely popular in the 60s, its recent iterations have failed to make a mark, even with that curvy bug-like design.

The sales of the car have plummeted over the years, which contributed largely to its demise.

However, do note that you still have the chance to grab one of the last 65 models of Beetle's final edition at $21,000 via

The farewell it deserved!

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