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04 Feb 2017

Tata launch TAMO, first product in March

Tata Motors has launched a sub-brand named TAMO, focusing on passenger vehicles segment.

The first product, a sports car, developed by TAMO will be unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show on March 7th.

The company will also build a centre for innovations for better auto partnerships.

Two new platforms will be launched in 2018, replacing existing Tata platforms gradually.

In context

Revitalizing Tata Motors
Clawing way back into passenger vehicle segment

04 Feb 2017

Clawing way back into passenger vehicle segment

Previously, Tata Motors faced criticism for reacting late to changing trends, thereby losing market share.

Last November, the company declared that they had lost considerable market share in commercial vehicles in the leadership of former chairman Cyrus Mistry.

Tata had described drop in market shares as the "lowest" in the company's history.

Force performed better than Tata

The Pune-headquartered Force Motors overtook Tata Motors as the biggest player in commercial vehicles segment two years ago and has dominated the position since then. In April-October 2016, Force sold 12,855 units and Tata 9,582. Cyrus Mistry was expelled from the Group in October 2016.

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Features of the new TAMO car

Italian engineering house Trilix is responsible for designing the new TAMO car.

The prototype will be transferred to Tata research facility in Pune.

The sports car is developed on the X1 platform with a 1.2-litre twin turbo petrol engine, delivering over 180 bhp.

Coined Futuro internally, the proposed car will host several connected technologies and be used to showcase Tata Motors engineering abilities.

Plans for TAMO cars and Tata Motors

Buying experience

Plans for TAMO cars and Tata Motors

Initial operations for TAMO will involve low volume and low investment.

Tata Motors is designing a "digital buying experience" for TAMO products.

TAMO may be organized like a start-up and employ industry outsiders.

Tata Motors said the demand has shifted from saloon cars to premium hatchbacks and SUVs.

The sub brand is expected to help Tata Motors reclaim leadership position in market share.


Change in Tata Motors strategy

Guenter Butschek, MD & CEO, Tata Motors, said the company will employ a six-point strategy to transform their position in the auto market.

The new strategy will include topline improvement, cost management, structural improvements, customer-centric approach, new mobility solutions and organizational effectiveness.

He added that TAMO (also short for Tata Motors) will provide space for digital innovation in auto and support the main business.

Reduction in car platforms


Reduction in car platforms

To improve product efficiency, Tata Motors is also planning to reduce the number of its car platforms (models for car) from six to two.

All future products will be introduced in two new engineering platforms, one of which is called Advanced Modular Platform (AMP), beginning next year.

Tata Motors will gradually phase out its old car platforms by 2022.

What is a car platform?

A car platform consists of the underlying structure and suspension, but often includes engines, transmissions and exterior body panels. It is a common practice among car manufacturers to share car platforms. For example, Lexus ES and Toyota Camry share the same platform.

16 Feb 2017

Tata Motors, Microsoft sign tech deal

In a joint statement, Tata Motors and Microsoft India said they would engage in strategic collaboration in technology to improve drivers' experience.

They said they would present a new vehicle that would display enhanced personalization for drivers at the Geneva International Motor show on 7 March.

Anant Maheshwari, President at Microsoft India, said the vehicle would incorporate "IoT, AI and machine learning technologies."

Tata planning to export toned-down version of 1040 bhp truck

22 Mar 2017

Tata planning to export toned-down version of 1040 bhp truck

Giving a push to its commercial vehicles business, Tata Motors is planning to export a toned-down version of its 1040 bhp truck that it recently showcased at a race in Noida.

It is considering 12-litre ISGe Cummins engine for the Prima truck, that gives 540-550 bhp.

Tata will also launch 15 new products and 200 product-variants, with an investment of Rs. 2,000cr in CVs.

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