BMW recalls over 41000 cars over defective air-bags

15 Feb 2017 | By Supriya
BMW's massive car recall in China

BMW has announced the recall of 41,685 cars in China due to concerns over defective air bags.

The recall was announced by China's quality watchdog as the air bags pose a security risk since they can break unexpectedly.

The German car-maker is expected to initiate the recall from first week of October onwards and will be conducted in phases.

In context: BMW's massive car recall in China

BackgroundBMW's recall woes increasing

In March 2016, BMW recalled nearly 6000 cars in China over concerns of fuel pump problems which could result in engine failure while driving: these cars belonged to imported BMW mini-series.

Just two months ago, in December 2016, another recall of nearly 220,000 BMW cars was announced: of these 169,000 were imported BMWs which were manufactured between 2005-2011.

15 Feb 2017BMW recalls over 41000 cars over defective air-bags

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BMW cars impacted

BMW's recall impacts vehicles manufactured in two batches: around 3,900 cars produced between January-December 2012 and another batch of 38,000 vehicles that were produced during the same time between January-December 2012.
How serious are the risks?

DetailsHow serious are the risks?

BMW explained the need for recall and said these vehicles had defective gas generators inside driver and front passenger airbags.

The gas generators are at risk of breaking unexpectedly resulting in debris flying and posing safety risk to passengers.

The company added it would check for airbag defects and accordingly notify the owners; if required, BMW would replace airbags free of charge.

Massive recalls in North America too

Less than two weeks ago, on February 3, the German car-maker announced the recall of 230,117 cars in North America over 'potentially dysfunctional air-bag inflators'. The recall is expected to start from March 15, 2017.