Aadhaar for getting on a plane too?

06 Apr 2017 | Written by NewsBytes Desk; Edited by Anish Chakraborty
One Aadhaar number to rule them all?

The government has reportedly asked Wipro to prepare a plan to provide Aadhaar based access for flyers at all airports. Wipro will submit the report by May.

Airports will then begin rolling-out services that will need only biometrics to ascertain flyers' identities.

Aviation Minister Jayant Sinha recently met airport operators to discuss this.

In context: One Aadhaar number to rule them all?

12 Apr 2017Aadhaar: Account holders have to submit details by April 30

Customers who opened accounts from July'14 to August'15 will have to submit their Aadhaar number and other necessary details to banks/other financial institutions for the 'Know Your Customer' process by April 30.

If one fails, the institution may block their accounts.

Tax officials confirmed accounts in question include banks, stocks and insurance.

Aadhaar is on its way to become the only-identity for Indians.

06 Apr 2017Aadhaar for getting on a plane too?

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Train travel? You need an Aadhaar ID for that

09 Mar 2017Train travel? You need an Aadhaar ID for that

Indian Railways is soon expected to make Aadhaar ID mandatory for booking tickets online.

This move is aimed at curbing stopping touts from misusing the system by buying tickets in bulk and to prevent false identity among the passengers.

However, it is still not mandatory for senior citizens to avail concessions on train tickets.

DetailsThe new way to bank is via Aadhaar Pay

All banks have to get themselves Aadhaar Pay ready by the end of March.

"Digital India" gets a boost as now Indians would need only their bank accounts and Aadhaar numbers to make cashless payments.

However, to make sure of security only Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) approved merchants will be able to carry Aadhaar Pay transactions.

21 Mar 2017No Aadhaar, no PAN card or IT returns

The NDA government has made it mandatory for any applicant to notify their Aadhaar number if they want to get their PAN card.

Aadhaar number is also a must for filing Income Tax returns.

From April 2017, it will be mandatory to produce Aadhaar ID to open up an Employee Provident Fund (EPF) to get pension.

27 Mar 2017Yes for non-welfare schemes, No for welfare schemes

Supreme Court has passed a judgement saying that the government can't make Aadhaar ID mandatory for social welfare schemes.

However, non welfare schemes like PAN card and IT returns can be made to follow these rules.

Government has said until every individual has been assigned an ID, alternative means of identification can be used for verification.

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Aadhaar web catches mid-day meal scam

The government provides free lunch to students enrolled in government schools from class 1 to 8 under the mid-day meal scheme. Aadhaar ID verification implementation has enabled the government to identify falsification of numbers from schools across Jharkhand, Manipur and Andhra Pradesh.

28 Mar 2017Aadhaar certification mandatory for SIM cards

Telecom operators have been asked to take Aadhaar card as verification before issuing a new number.

This new rule doesn't spare the existing users, as they also need to get their numbers verified via Aadhaar.

The initiative is to make sure there are no fraudulent users and proper identification of legitimate ones are possible.