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21 Apr 2017

Uber's new enterprise-ready service

Uber Central, the latest offing by Uber

Uber has launched a brand new feature to its services dubbed as 'Uber Central' which the firm claims will be beneficial for business enterprises or organizations.

Uber Central is an extension of Uber for Business and will run on any tablet or browser enabling a single user to push multiple vehicles at multiple locations.

Let's delve in to find what it is all about.

In context

Uber Central, the latest offing by Uber
You don't need an Uber account to access Uber Central


You don't need an Uber account to access Uber Central

The service is built on U4B (Uber for Business), where companies or organizations can create a corporate Uber account.

Customers don't need to have an Uber account or even a smartphone to make use of this service.

Firms using Uber Central would be able to use its user's friendly tools, such as, digital billing, reporting and management tools, to properly administer their transportations.


Why is it beneficial for organizations?

Uber Central is Uber's first global one-to-many ride service, which lets companies manage multiple rides simultaneously, on the same platform.

As per the company, around 65,000 organizations across the globe use U4B, which include Goldman Sachs, Dell, Wunderman, Bain & Company, Airtel, AT Kearney, Reliance ADA Group and Tata Steel among others.

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Innovations to keep demons at bay


Innovations to keep demons at bay

Although, Uber is doing all that it can to attract customers, but new data shows that because of its past and ongoing controversies, corporate travellers are actually being sceptical about opting for its services.

According to Certify, the number of corporate travellers choosing rides with Uber has grown only 1% in Q1, 2017.


Troubles still brewing in the empire

In the recent past, Uber has been linked with several controversies regarding its misconduct with employed drivers and also high-level executives leaving the company without any clear explanation.

The CEO himself was seen in a nasty argument with a driver of his own company. Although, Kalanick apologized for the same but these events seem to have made a dent on its reputation.

Uber's recent fudge up in India


Uber's recent fudge up in India

Uber's Bangalore office's GM, Christian Freese, told NYT "folks (Indians) were rather locked up at home" before Uber started operation and thanks to them Indians are now enjoying weekends outside. This statement ensured major backlash in India.

My favorite sarcastic tweet on this reads, "Well, to be honest, before Uber we just rode our elephants every day. For weekends, we had our decorated elephants."

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