How is this 'one-male dating app' competing with Tinder?

17 May 2017 | By Gogona Saikia
Tinder vs Shinder: A tale of two apps

Dating giant Tinder has filed a legal objection to the name 'Shinder', an app featuring just one male date.

The app was the brainchild of Simon Simove of Britain. When he didn't find luck on Tinder, he went ahead and invented an app, where he is the only male date available.

But Tinder poured water on his dreams when he went to trademark it.

In context: Tinder vs Shinder: A tale of two apps

ShinderThe story behind Shinder, the app

Simon Simove, a British bachelor, wanted a date, but kept striking out on apps.

To attract females, he came up with quirky techniques; once he photoshopped himself bursting out of a Kinder Surprise Egg and called it Tinder Surprise.

So after nine months, three different coders and "a huge amount of stress", he came up with Shinder.

So what does Shinder do?

If registered women swipe left, the app declares, "You dodged a bullet there, Shed is extremely high maintenance." Those who swipe right are notified if Simon likes them back. Men can sign up too, but are greeted to a "Simon is heterosexual" message.
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17 May 2017How is this 'one-male dating app' competing with Tinder?

Elevator firm Schindler also threatened!

Tinder filed a Notice of Threatened Opposition, which means it can formally oppose Shinder's trademark later. Surprisingly, Simon was also contacted by elevator firm whose name sounds similar: 'Schindler'. Schindler wanted him to commit to never entering the elevator or escalator industry.
But Simon's not bothered

RebuttalBut Simon's not bothered

Simon clarified he had no interest in the elevator market. He didn't feel he was a threat to Tinder either.

"I think it's a case of a big corporate giant looking at an entrepreneur who sees the world differently and being punitive," he said. "It's unlikely that the female population will stop using Tinder and start using Shinder."

InventionsOther inventions by the quirky creator

Simon's quirky inventions include the "Control-A-Man/Woman/Boss/Cat" range of remotes, the 50-page "Fifty Shades of Gray" book that just had different shades of gray, and the completely blank book named "What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex".

He once changed his name to "God". When HSBC Bank suspended his account and asked for a two-word name, he said he would use "Almighty God".