Revised price lists for Apple products in India


02 Jul 2017

Apple slashes product prices with GST rollout

India's shift to the GST regime brings with it good news for fans of Apple.

The tech giant, which is focusing on the Indian market now, announced that it had slashed prices of its products in India by as much as 7.5%.

The price cuts are not only restricted to the iPhone, but spans almost the entirety of Apple's product list.


The revised iPhone prices

The revised iPhone prices

The 32GB iPhone 7 now comes for Rs. 56,200, while the higher storage variants come for Rs. 65,200 (128GB) and Rs. 74,400 (256GB).

The 32GB iPhone 7 Plus has been priced at Rs. 67,300, and the higher storage variants cost Rs. 72,000 (128GB), and Rs. 85,400 (256GB)

The iPhone 6S Plus now costs Rs. 56,100, while the iPhone SE costs Rs. 26,000.

iPads (wifi)

Revised prices for wifi-only iPads

The Wi-Fi only 10.5 inch iPad Pro has been priced at Rs. 50,800, Rs. 58,300, and Rs. 73,900 for the 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB models respectively.

Prices for the 12.9 inch Wi-Fi only iPads have been revised to Rs. 63,500 (64GB), Rs. 70,900 (256GB), and Rs. 86,400 (512GB).

iPad Mini 4 has been priced at Rs. 33,800 (128GB).

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iPads (cellular)

Cellular iPads also see a reduction in price

Cellular iPads also see a reduction in price

The cellular variant of the 10.5 inch iPad Pro is now priced at Rs. 61,400 (64GB), Rs. 68,900 (256GB), and Rs. 84,500 (512GB).

The cellular 12.9 inch iPad has been priced at Rs. 74,100 (64GB), Rs. 81,400 (256GB), and Rs. 97,000 (512GB).

The cellular iPad Mini 4 now costs Rs. 44,500 (128GB).


MacBooks see price cuts except MacBook Air

MacBook Air prices remain unaltered.

The 12-inch MacBook is priced at Rs. 104,800 (1.2GHz), and Rs. 128,700 (1.3GHz).

The 13-inch MacBook Pro is available for Rs. 104,900 (128GB), and Rs. 121,100 (256GB).

The 3.1 GHz 13-inch MacBook Pro has been priced at Rs. 147,900 (256GB), and Rs. 164,100 (512GB).

The 15-inch MacBook Pro has been priced at Rs. 195,800 (256GB), and Rs. 228,100 (512GB).

Macs and iMacs

The revised prices for Macs and iMacs

The revised prices for Macs and iMacs

Apple Mac Minis now cost Rs. 40,990 (1.4GHz), Rs. 57,700 (2.6GHz), and Rs. 82,100 (2.8GHz).

Mac Pros have been priced at Rs. 243,100 (3.5GHz Hexacore) and Rs. 318,100 (3.0GHz Octacore).

The 21.5-inch iMacs now come at Rs. 90,200 (2.3Ghz), Rs. 106,400 (3.0GHz), and Rs. 123,700 (3.4GHz).

The 27-inch iMacs cost Rs. 147,400 (3.4GHz), Rs. 166,000 (3.5GHz), and Rs. 190,400 (3.8GHz).

Apple Watches

Apple Watches see price cuts too

Apple Watch variants will now be available for Rs. 22,900 (Series 1), Rs. 31,600 (Series 2).

The Apple Watch Nike+ has been priced at Rs. 31,600 too, meanwhile the flagship Apple Watch Edition has been priced at Rs. 105,700.

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