New Consumer Protection Law will be brought up in Parliament

17 Jul 2017 | By Anish Chakraborty
New Consumer Protection Law to safeguard public interests

A new law, to replace the current Consumer Protection Act, 1986, will be introduced in the monsoon session of the Parliament.

The Consumer Protection Bill, 2017 aims to strengthen the consumer protection mechanism post GST. This would effectively put an end to the unscrupulous methods applied by certain businesses which curb the rights of the consumers; and to address their grievances.

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In context: New Consumer Protection Law to safeguard public interests

17 Jul 2017New Consumer Protection Law will be brought up in Parliament

GSTNo more loopholes

One of the salient caveats of GST was to ensure that the benefits of this new regime percolate to the consumers.

Earlier, there have been several instances, where institutions have bypassed norms. However, with this new mechanism, the government will ensure that pro-consumer measures are stringently followed in every facet of day-to-day life.

Consumers were and should always remain the priority.

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Strict measures will be taken

MeasuresStrict measures will be taken

The draft bill of the Act is currently pending with the Standing Committee on Food and Consumer Affairs. Once they give a go ahead, it will be passed on to the cabinet.

In the last leg, it will be introduced to the Parliament and get green lit.

According to reports, strict punitive measures will be taken to protect the interest of the consumers.

ConsumerAddressing consumer complaints

The exact steps and measures of this bill will be known soon.

However, it does propose the creation of Consumer Dispute Redressal Commissions in district and national levels and also the formation of Consumer Protection Authority to conduct a thorough probe on complaints raised by the consumers.

Recently, Consumer Affairs Minister approved the guidelines to make the service charge levied by restaurants "voluntary".