McDonald's to deliver wearable Big Macs, fries, burgers for free!

21 Jul 2017 | By Ramya Patelkhana

On 26 July, the newly-invented 'Global McDelivery Day', McDonald's is going to do something that nobody expected!

The fast-food giant wants to delight customers at home by delivering them items from the McDelivery Collection line.

The fun, fashion-forward items, including Big Mac onesies, hamburger pillowcases, and french fries-themed jogging suits, will be available with UberEATS deliveries in select cities.

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In context: McDonald's and UberEATS to deliver 'McDelivery Collection'

21 Jul 2017McDonald's to deliver wearable Big Macs, fries, burgers for free!

About Global McDelivery Day

McDonald's stated: "We're celebrating McDelivery being available in countries across the world with Global McDelivery Day and the McDelivery Collection on UberEATS. Throughout the day, McDonald's will be surprising and delighting consumers by delivering more than just food, including the McDelivery Collection items."
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Where are these items delivered?

AvailabilityWhere are these items delivered?

On 26 July only, from 11 am (local time), customers from across ten countries in select cities can order McDelivery on UberEATS to receive McDelivery Collection items.

They will be available only at participating McDonald's restaurants on a first come, first serve basis.

For more information, one can head over to

Sadly, the McDelivery Collection is not available in India.

McDelivery CollectionWhat are all the items included in the collection?

The fast-food giant described McDelivery Collection as "a selection of fun, fashion forward items you can wear or use whenever and wherever you order."

The collection includes five items: Big Mac onesies, pillow cases with hamburger print, limited-edition "World Famous Fries" jogging suits and slide sandals, and also picnic blankets with McDonald's food items like fries and hamburgers printed on them.

Limited edition McNugget Dunker

Some reports say customers could also receive limited edition McMuffin sweat-shirts and McNugget Dunkers as part of the McDelivery Collection. However, these products have not been mentioned on McDonald's website.

McDeliveryOffer available while supplies last!

Though customers can't pick items from the collection, they can check UberEATS to know about participating restaurants and see how many items they still have left.

McDonald's said, "We continue to raise the bar -new recipes, a fresher look, a smoother dining experience- and now, another level of convenience through McDelivery on UberEATS."

UberEATs and McDonald's started piloting McDelivery in Florida in Jan'17.

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Fast-food themed marketing campaigns

McDonald's joins other fast-food chains that have launched similar food-themed marketing campaigns. KFC's fast-food apparel, including chicken-themed shirts/socks/accessories and "finger-lickin' good" necklaces, Burger King's Whopper-themed air freshener, and Pizza Hut's Hut Swag clothing line are some of them.