JioPhone TV: Reliance's newest game-changer?

22 Jul 2017 | By Gogona Saikia
JioPhone TV: A potential game-changer in the market

Jio last year shook up the telecom industry with its never-seen-before offers of free unlimited calling and data.

A day ago, it launched a 4G VoLTE mobile that will be offered to customers for free - likely to be another disruption in the market.

With the new phone has come JioPhone TV, another revolutionary product. Will it cause yet another tremor in the industry?

In context: JioPhone TV: A potential game-changer in the market

22 Jul 2017JioPhone TV: Reliance's newest game-changer?

ServiceWhat is JioPhone TV?

JioPhone TV basically lets users connect their phones to the television via cable and use the app to play content on the large screen.

With 1GB data available daily in most of Jio's plans, users will be able to stream 2-4 hours of videos a day.

This will be especially useful in areas with no access to cable TV and high-speed internet.

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What's working for it, what's not?

Pros/consWhat's working for it, what's not?

The concept, though a possible game-changer, is still in its infancy, but it could potentially disrupt the cable, DTH as well as broadcast industry.

One drawback is cost. Cable and DTH are better options at Rs. 300-500 monthly, compared to 2-4 hours of video-streaming per day through JioPhone TV at Rs. 309 a month.

An analyst says there also might be several execution issues.