Is Facebook's WhatsApp taking a step towards monetization?

24 Jul 2017 | By Ramya Patelkhana
WhatsApp's plans to monetize the app

Facebook-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp doesn't make any money as of now.

In May, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said monetization of WhatsApp wasn't imminent; but it looks like things have changed now.

The monetization efforts seem to have become serious as WhatsApp is now looking for professionals, including product manager, product marketing manager, and business communications position, to help it monetize the app.

In context: WhatsApp's plans to monetize the app

24 Jul 2017Is Facebook's WhatsApp taking a step towards monetization?

AboutAbout the WhatsApp messenger

WhatsApp is a free instant messaging app; the company was founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum in California's Mountain View in 2009.

Over 1.2 billion users across over 180 countries use the app to stay connected to family and friends.

Social media giant Facebook acquired WhatsApp in a $19 billion deal in 2014; it currently has over 200 employees.

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The job descriptions of the openings

OpeningsThe job descriptions of the openings

The business products-related job openings posted by WhatsApp are currently not offered by the company.

The product manager position is focused on leading product development on WhatsApp's monetization.

The second job, product marketing manager, deals with go-to-market strategies and selling and marketing the developed product to customers.

The business communications role is to explain the company's business to the media.

Focused on emerging markets

WhatsApp is also on a hunt for professionals with "prior experience in local, search and payments." The company is reportedly focused on "creating something" for the emerging marking where its app is more popular, including India and Brazil.

Product developmentSeeking an exceptional individual to lead product development: WhatsApp executive

According to a WhatsApp executive, the company is looking for a professional for product development with at least ten years' product management or design experience.

The product manager must have "demonstrated experience in building products" and " empathy for both consumers and businesses" and report to the Director of Growth and Monetization.

It is a full-time position at WhatsApp's base in Facebook headquarters.

What is a product manager expected to do?

According to WhatsApp, the product manager should be able to "work collaboratively with engineers, designers and other cross-functional partners." It also expects the professional to "push the boundaries of what's possible in a mobile app" while sharing its "obsession for quality and attention to detail."
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PlansWhatsApp not public about business plans

WhatsApp has repeatedly claimed that it doesn't like ads; so, it is less likely that they will be included in its monetization plans.

Earlier, the company hired its first Chief Operations Officer and later started testing a product that is built for allowing communication between businesses and consumers via WhatsApp.

There have been reports about WhatsApp working on a payments option in India.