Ola and Zomato partner up to enhance customer experience

28 Jul 2017 | By Anish Chakraborty
Ola and Zomato, ready for that extra mile

India's home-grown cab aggregator Ola is partnering up with another Indian start-up Zomato to bring a range of integrated exclusive offerings to the users.

Under this strategic partnership, both of these start-ups will bring their respective platforms closer to create a combined ecosystem of customers.

The goal is to pool in more resources and offer more too, in terms of customer experience.

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In context: Ola and Zomato, ready for that extra mile

28 Jul 2017Ola and Zomato partner up to enhance customer experience

OffingWhat's in the offing?

Post alliance, global restaurant discovery and food ordering platform, Zomato will integrate Ola's APIs into its app. So, when a customer is looking at a restaurant, he/she will get the option to book an Ola ride to that restaurant straight from the app.

Also, Ola Money, the payments platform owned by the cab aggregator, will be integrated to allow easy payments on Zomato properties.

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What's at Ola's end?

RestaurantsWhat's at Ola's end?

Zomato's partner restaurants will also be setting up special zones, where their patrons will be able to book Ola cabs.

Additionally, Ola Play users will be given the option to browse through restaurants and food options, nitpick their preferences based on reviews and also make table reservations via a customized Zomato micro app.

CompetitionA clever partnership

This partnership is also a sign of determination at Ola and Zomato's end to counter UberEats, a service that has been launched by its biggest rival Uber.

This alliance not only gives more options to the users but also shows prudent thinking by both the start-ups to counter against a competitor that has really deep pockets.