How to manage Class-12 and JEE preparation simultaneously?


06 Aug 2019

#CareerBytes: How to manage JEE preparation along with Class 12?

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is India's toughest and most popular engineering entrance exam.

JEE, comprising Main and Advanced, is the gateway to top engineering institutes, including IITs and NITs.

For Class-12 students, who want to appear for JEE and pursue engineering, managing both JEE and board exam preparation could be challenging.

Here are some tips to prepare for Class-12 and JEE simultaneously.


Proper planning and time management are very important

Proper planning and time management are very important

Class-12 students must start their preparation as early as possible so that they have sufficient time for covering the syllabus of board exams and JEE too.

They should first make a plan including the entire JEE and Class-12 syllabus and allot enough time to study/revise all those topics.

They must adhere to their study plan, avoid procrastination, and learn to manage time properly.


Set study/revision goals and deadlines, measure your progress

Students should also set short-term and long-term study goals or deadlines for both Class-12 and JEE exam preparation and achieve those without fail.

They can set daily/weekly study and revision goals by breaking down topics or complete the syllabus in parts within the set deadlines.

By doing this, students also will be able to measure their progress in a better manner.

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Do not ignore Class-12 syllabus; focus more on NCERT textbooks

Do not ignore Class-12 syllabus; focus more on NCERT textbooks

Many Class-12 students tend to concentrate more on JEE preparation and ignore the board exam syllabus, which is a grave mistake.

One shouldn't take Class-12 syllabus lightly as it acts as a strong foundation for JEE too.

Also, instead of consulting too many reference books, students should focus more on NCERT textbooks and the basics, which are useful for both board exams and JEE.


Solving previous papers and mock tests regularly is necessary

The pattern of Class-12 exams and JEE is not the same and students must know the difference.

So, apart from regular revision and written practice, they must solve previous years' question papers and take mock tests of Class-12 exams and JEE to get a better idea.

This will also help them analyze their performance, assess the difficulty level, and familiarize with the exam formats.

#5: JEE is more about practice about application of concepts

To prepare properly, students should understand the similarities and differences between JEE and board exams. To ace board exams, one should focus more on the theory part in NCERT textbooks. However, JEE is more about practice and application of concepts learned in theory.

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