Delhi: Maggot-infested body of scientist found

08 Sep 2017 | By Ramya Patelkhana
Retired scientist found dead in Delhi

Dr. Yashvir Sood, a 64-year-old retired scientist with Indian Agricultural Research Institute at Delhi's Pusa Road, was found dead at a quarter.

He is said to have died naturally several days ago as his body was maggot-infested; his siblings living with him didn't raise the alarm.

Neighbors claimed there was a foul smell since a week but thought it was due to rain.

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In context: Retired scientist found dead in Delhi

08 Sep 2017Delhi: Maggot-infested body of scientist found

Dr. Sood's deathThe scientist's siblings are mentally ill

Dr. Sood's death came to light when one his neighbors alerted officials about a foul smell coming from the scientist's quarter.

Police entered his house despite resistance from the siblings, a brother and sister, to find Sood's "highly-decomposed body" on a broken folding cot.

The siblings in their 60s are allegedly mentally not sound.

Neither Dr. Sood nor his siblings were married.

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Dr. Sood retired as IARI's Principal Scientist

DetailsDr. Sood retired as IARI's Principal Scientist

Dr. Yashvir Sood was a Principal Scientist at Indian Agricultural Research Institute who retired in Mar'15.

Post retirement he was asked to vacate the government quarters after which he started living in an abandoned quarter in the institute's premises.

He and his siblings had been living together for several decades, according to neighbors.

The family was from Himachal Pradesh.

Sood appeared to have died of malnutrition: DCP Vijay Kumar

Vijay Kumar, DCP (Delhi-West), stated: "The three siblings had nothing to do with the outside world and preferred to live only in each other's company. It is possible that the scientist's siblings were not even aware of his death."