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23 Sep 2017

Boy builds mini-cooler from waste; gets idea while watching Doraemon

13-year-old Mohammad Hassan from a ragpickers' family, living near Delhi's Bhalswa landfill, built a mini-cooler from waste in three months.

He wanted a cooler to beat the heat, but his father couldn't afford one.

So, Hassan built a portable, battery-powered mini-cooler from cardboard, wooden-sticks, and plastic-bottles, and attached to a motor and bottle-cap knob regulator.

He got the idea while watching Doraemon on TV!

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Best out of waste: Delhi boy builds mini-cooler

Stumbled upon the idea while watching Doraemon with friends

The science genius said: "Doraemon created a fan using discarded material and it blew away the villains. I decided to try it out but failed. However, I kept at it, and it took multiple attempts to come up with the final model."

Hassan dreams of becoming a mechanical engineer

Several other projects

Hassan dreams of becoming a mechanical engineer

The Class-IX student developed love for science at an early age; however, he began putting his knowledge to use last year.

Hassan also built mini motorboats with pencils, plastic-bottles, and batteries; electronic trash-collecting car using mobile-phone packaging boxes and a discarded battery-car; and a mobile charger.

He is currently building a mini airplane.

Hassan wants to build energy-efficient devices to make ragpickers' life easy.

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Hassan's interest in science continues

Hassan's father said the science genius would pull them out of poverty if he studies hard. Hassan said, "I want to make a full-size cooler so that my mother doesn't sweat in the kitchen and my father can relax after he comes home from work."

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