Massive car pile-up on Yamuna Expressway, at least one dead

08 Nov 2017 | By Gazal Gupta

Dense smog led to a 24-car pile-up on the Agra-Noida Yamuna Expressway, killing one and injuring at least six.

The incident happened this morning near milestone 125, close to Hataura village, when a truck collided with a defunct car.

The truck turned turtle, and unable to see in the smog, other cars kept ramming into each other.

The deceased hasn't been identified yet.

In context: Smog causes 24-car pile-up on Yamuna Expressway

08 Nov 2017Massive car pile-up on Yamuna Expressway, at least one dead

Video footage of the accident

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Heavy smog continues to engulf Delhi

SituationHeavy smog continues to engulf Delhi

Delhi-NCR is battling the heaviest smog in years, with primary schools being shut down and children being asked to avoid outdoor activities. Meanwhile, offices and college goers had to face many problems due to low visibility on the roads.

While many opted for traveling by metro instead of cars, people who took their cars were also careful while driving.

Similar pile-up reported in January last year

A similar pile-up, but of much higher number where 50 vehicles crashed into one another on the Yamuna Expressway, was reported in January last year. The pile-up was caused by heavy fog, and killed a 57-year old woman, injuring over two dozen people.