13 trains cancelled, dozens delayed due to fog in Delhi

30 Dec 2017 | By Shiladitya Ray

As many as 36 trains have been delayed in the national capital, 13 cancelled, and two rescheduled due to poor visibility and other associated operational conditions.

As the cold wave and fog intensified in Delhi before the New Year, the air quality index at Lodhi Road was also reported to be "very poor".

A similar situation was also reported in Lucknow.

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30 Dec 201713 trains cancelled, dozens delayed due to fog in Delhi

Some of the 'smoggy' visuals

ForecastsMet department forecasts for 30th December

Due to the fog, visibility in Delhi was around 600 metres at 5.30am today.

It further dropped to 400 metres at 8.30am as the fog intensified, said a Met department official.

Humidity was recorded at 100% at 8.30am.

The Met department has forecast clear skies for the day, with a maximum temperature hovering around 25 degrees Celsius.