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12 Jul 2018

Delhi: Burglar shakes a leg after successful burglary

A burglar apparently indulged in an impromptu victory dance after other members of the gang successfully broke into multiple shops in North Delhi's Lahori Gate area on Tuesday.

The unusual act was caught by a CCTV camera installed in the lane, but the burglars had their faces covered.

Police said they were trying to gain information about the gang.

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Delhi: Burglar does victory dance after successful burglary

Police officer calls it a rare incident

A police officer said it is difficult to say why he danced. "It is a rare incident. Usually burglars want to ensure they are not noticed when committing such acts. But this is rare. However, the accused has ensured his face is covered," he said.

Finding enough money with himself, burglar decided to amuse himself


Finding enough money with himself, burglar decided to amuse himself

The video shows the gang members moving in a lane. They look around, ensure they are not being followed and nobody else is in that lane. Then, they break open the shutter of a shop.

Four of them move into the shop, while another stays outside to watch. Possibly finding enough time on his hand, he breaks into a jig to celebrate the success.

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Burglars fled with valuables worth over Rs. 1 lakh

The burglars decamped with valuables worth more than Rs. 1 lakh from three to four shops, including one trading in computer parts.

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