Chattarpur man kills wife just three-months after marriage


09 Apr 2019

Man kills wife by crushing her face with stones, arrested

A man was held for allegedly killing his wife by crushing her face with stones multiple times over suspicion of her fidelity in Nathupur area, police said yesterday.

The incident occurred Sunday when the accused, Dharmendra, who is a resident of Chattarpur in South Delhi, killed his wife, they said.

The woman's body was recovered later by the police.

Here are the details.


Dharmendra was arrested from his hideout in Aaya Nagar

Dharmendra was arrested from his hideout in Aaya Nagar

The local police team recovered the woman's body, later identified as Kajol, from Aravalli mountain adjoining to Nathupur village yesterday, police said.

"During the investigation, Dharmendra was arrested with the help of technical surveillance from his hideout in Aaya Nagar area of Delhi," Gurgaon police PRO Subhash Bokan said.

During interrogation, Dharmendra disclosed why he decided to kill his wife.


Dharmendra took wife to Aravalli mountain to kill her

The PRO said, "Dharmendra disclosed that as per the plan he asked Kajol to visit his brother Satish in Nathupur. He instead took her to Aravalli mountain where he indulged in a fight over the issue of suspecting her character. He later killed her after attacking her with stones multiple times."

The woman, a native of Assam, got married to Dharmendra three months ago.

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