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23 Jan 2017

BMW driver arrested in hit-and-run

A speeding BMW rammed into an Uber yesterday that led to the cab driver's instant death.

Little over 12 hours later, the BMW's driver, 24-year old, Shoaib Kohli has been arrested.

Kohli has been charged with rash and negligent driving causing death: he will soon be produced in court.

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AAP ministers in Goa and Punjab

Since poll dates were announced, AAP had stated that Goa and Punjab will be flooded with volunteers and workers.

With just two more weeks to go, AAP is campaigning aggressively and all Delhi ministers have been instructed to convene in Punjab.

Arvind Kejriwal, will continue to remain out of Delhi until February 4, the day of the elections: he is currently campaigning in Goa.


Nearly half of Delhi colleges 'headless'

42% of Delhi colleges are 'headless' and the situation is expected to get worse by next month as superannuation of more principals is expected.

Teachers claim governance has taken a severe beating and feel that non-appointment of permanent principals is a 'ploy' by previous administration to run colleges at their discretion.

Former principals also lament the indifference, callousness and complacency in university administration.

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Worsening weather in Gurugram

Worsening weather in Gurugram

Dense fog had reduced visibility in Gurugram to less than 30 metres today morning.

Traffic was forced to move at snail's pace and drivers had to drive with their fog lights on.

Traffic police also reported three minor accidents that added to the already clogged roads.

Weather forecasters said foggy conditions will continue for 3 more days and rainfall is likely too.


SC refused to resume DND toll

In 2012, a PIL was filed challenging toll-collection by Noida Toll Bridge Company. It was alleged that company had made its profits yet continued to charge toll.

Subsequently, Allahabad HC instructed to stop toll-collection at DND. SC refused to stay HC's order and said profits of company will be audited.

Today, SC refused to resume toll collection as auditor's report is expected in 8-weeks.


Congestion due to massive growth in air traffic

Congestion due to massive growth in air traffic

Massive growth in air traffic with respect to low cost carriers has led to congestion.

Travelling to Delhi International Airport has become a challenge in peak hours during morning and evening.

To resolve the challenge, peak hour flights may now be reduced by 20 percent.

The airport operator is also contemplating relocating some flights of Indigo, SpiceJet and GoAir to other terminals.


Rebirth for Naxal victim after 12 years

12 years ago, Sannu Tati, was bashed-up by Naxals in Chattisgarh. He was targeted as his brother was a constable with local police.

Tati was found barely alive and although he was taken to hospital, he lost his leg.

With help of some CRPF personnel, Tati recently got assistance from a Delhi NGO that gave him an artificial leg.

Tati can now finally walk.

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