You can lose your license for these five traffic violations

01 Feb 2017 | By Gogona Saikia
Delhi Diaries

Driving licenses of Gurugram-residents will be suspended if they indulge in speeding, talking on phone while driving, jumping traffic signals, carrying more than permitted passengers, and drunken driving.

Half of the 420 people killed in road accidents last year were due to these five-violations.

Additional cops are being deployed at IFFCO Chowk, Rajiv Chowk and Signature Tower.

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01 Feb 2017You can lose your license for these five traffic violations

01 Feb 2017Haryana, Delhi, UP record highest cancer cases among states

In 2014, out of 15,664 hospital entries for cancer, 39.6% were from Haryana, 27.3% from Delhi and 12.7% from UP.

Most of the 617 international patients were from Iraq (65.2%). Nigeria came a far second with 5.7% cases.

11.5% patients were young adults and 57% middle-aged.

The ICMR has predicted 17.3 lakh new cancer cases by 2020.

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Warmer January in Delhi due to 'western disturbances', lower pollution

WeatherWarmer January in Delhi due to 'western disturbances', lower pollution

Though there were more cold days in January than December, temperatures mostly stayed above normal.

Average minimum temperature on January 31 was 1.1 degree Celsius above normal; average maximum temperature was 0.7 degree above.

Position of the 'western disturbances' affected only J&K and Himachal. Pollution too is comparatively lower this time.

However, air quality remains poor and the ban on Badarpur power plant continues.

DemonetisationCash woes continue even after withdrawal of limits

Many ATMs run out of cash while others remained out of order, causing significant disturbances on January's last day.

HDFC, SBI, ICICI and Syndicate Bank ATMS near Uphaar Cinema ran out of cash at 1 pm, though banking activities continued.

SBI ATMs, especially at metro stations, were mostly dysfunctional.

HDFC security guard Manoj Kumar attributed the situation to it being salary day.

Human traffickingTraffickers take to social media to find victims

A Delhi-based man was targeting girls from the northeast, Goa and Punjab on Facebook and luring them with false promises. He was planning to force them into prostitution, police said.

A teenager from Nagaland was rescued just as she was about to board a flight from Manipur to Delhi. The man had sent her the ticket.

A hunt is on to nab the accused.

RailwaysBeijing inspires railways to transform Delhi's look

Railways is planning to transform the filthy views that passengers see as they approach the capital, into beautiful lush, green patches.

Taking inspiration from Beijing, the railways is redecorating the tracks near New Delhi, Old Delhi, Anand Vihar and Nizamuddin.

Shrubs are being planted and not trees, as it is difficult to get permission to cut trees, if needed, for infrastructure development.

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Greater NoidaFog, reckless driving claim six more lives

The death toll has reached 12 in two days as six more people died in accidents on January 31.

All mishaps were reported between 7-8: 30am, when visibility remained poor at 0-50 metres.

Two accidents were reported near Jewar: two trucks collided head-on an hour after a pile-up on the Yamuna Expressway killed three. A pedestrian was meanwhile hit by a UP Roadways bus.

Bigg BossBoisterous welcome for Bigg Boss winner turns violent

Bigg Boss winner Manveer Gurjar was received by hundreds of fans at IGI airport, from where he travelled to Noida in a cavalcade of cars.

But Gurjar suffered injuries as fans pushed him around while trying to click selfies.

Gurjar's scheduled event at Sector 46 was cancelled, and he couldn't return home for the day due to huge crowds in his village.