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28 Aug 2017

GoT: Who will sit on the 'Iron Throne'?

Who will sit on 'Iron Throne'?

With the finale of GoT's Season 7 upon us, many have been wondering- who will rule the seven kingdoms?

GoT, however, has a lot in common with Britain's history.

George RR Martin, took heavy inspiration from the civil war 'Wars of the Roses'; so it's only fair for the characters to have English touches.

Had this happened in the real world, who would have ruled?

In context

Who will sit on 'Iron Throne'?

Triumph of evil?

Cersei Lannister, the Queen? Will evil finally win?

While Cersei may have declared herself the Queen and she is aided by her loyal 'brother' Jaime Lannister and the gold reserves of the Tyrrells, but will she rule?

If you go by England's history, this is highly improbable.

In Britain, the successor is decided by descent and parliamentary statute. When a king dies, seldom does his Queen take over the throne.

Cersei painted as the picture of Margaret of Anjou

Cersei's character bears a strong resemblance to Margaret of Anjou, the Queen of England. A key figure in the Wars of the Roses, she even led the Lancastrian faction (Cersei is a Lannister). She briefly ruled the kingdom due to her husband's bouts of insanity.

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Is her claim rightful?

Will the Mother of Dragons Daenerys succeed?

Many believe that the "Queen of the Andals" and the last Targaryen will rule in Westeros; this could be true after all she is loved and has an army, not to forget 2 dragons now.

If British history is considered, this is possible especially since the Succession to the Crown Bill of 2015 allows the monarch's eldest child, regardless of gender, to rule.

Jon Snow

From knowing nothing to being the 'True heir'

He has scaled many heights rising from a bastard to a Night's guard, to a Wildling and back to the Night's Watch, its Commander and then the leader of the North (he also dies and gets resurrected somewhere in the middle).

However, being revealed as the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark - makes him the 'rightful heir', in fact, the primary heir.

The last Baratheon

Will Gendry and his hammer rule the Seven Kingdoms?

Gendry survived Cersei and Melisandre's (the Red Woman) plans to murder him and has now honed himself as a powerful blacksmith.

As Robert Baratheon's illegitimate child, he can lay a claim to the throne but it is unlikely that he will win against armies, evil plotting Queens or dragons; unless all legitimate heirs somehow die (which so often happens in GoT).

A bastard who became the King

If we follow England's history, a bastard did rule. William the Conqueror defeated King Harold in 1066 in the Battle of Hastings to become the King of England. So, Gendry does have a chance, after all.

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