2 Indians win Queen's Young Leaders award

9 Dec 2015 | By Vaneet Randhawa

Two Indians have won the Queen's Young Leaders prize in England for their outstanding commitment towards reconstructing the "lives of others and making a lasting difference in their communities."

Kartik Sawhney and Neha Swain are amongst the 60 individuals to win this award.

The award will be bestowed by the British monarch Queen Elizabeth in a ceremony in Buckingham Palace in June 2016.

In context: Queen's Young Leaders Award

2014Award to recognise Queen's service to Commonwealth

The Queen's Young Leaders Programme was started in 2014, organised by Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust in partnership with Comic Relief and Royal Commonwealth Society.

The award is to commemorate the Queen's lifetime of service to the Commonwealth.

While the award does not carry any monetary stimulus, it extends each of the victors bespoke instruction and online education provided through the University of Cambridge.

Award launched by Prince William and Prince Harry

Queen's Young Leaders Award has been launched by Queen Elizabeth II's grandsons Prince Henry of Wales and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge.
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Aim What the award aims to do?

The Programme seeks to honour the work of young people and support them to develop their "leadership skills and improve the lives of people across the Commonwealth."

The programme aims to ensure that these youngsters get better jobs and are able to express their needs to governments.

They will be inspired to become future leaders who can influence decision makers in their respective regions.

22 Jun 20153 Indians win inaugural Queen's leadership award

Three Indians won the inaugural award set up by England's monarch to "recognise exceptional youth who are transforming the lives of others".

These were Ashwini Angadi, Akshay Jadhao and Devika Malik.

Angadi was a visually impaired student, Malik, an educationist in rural areas and Jadhao was a para-athelete.

2 winners came from Sri Lanka, 1 from Pakistan and Bangladesh each.

9 Dec 20152 Indians win Queen's Young Leaders award

9 Dec 2015Know the Indian winners...

Kartik Sawhney, who is India's first Grade 11 blind science student has been recognized for his excellent work towards "highlighting universal access to education for all."

Neha Swain, co-founder of NGO Rubaroo renders leadership workshops to institutions in India for free, irrespective of socio-economic backgrounds.

They have been awarded for their "strength, leadership, empathy and drive" towards improving education in Commonwealth.