Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan exposes more on Akash's request

07 Nov 2017 | By Ankita Chakravarti

This season's Bigg Boss show can be called one of the most entertaining seasons because of the kind of "specimens" the makers have sourced for the show.

While fights and arguments have become an everyday affair now, the show reached a new low when Akash Dadlani asked Arshi Khan to show more cleavage as she would get more footage. Shocked, aren't you?

In context: Akash Dadlani crosses all limits with Arshi Khan

07 Nov 2017Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan exposes more on Akash's request

DetailsAkash Dadlani, a repeat offender?

This is not the first time Akash Dadlani openly takes about a woman's private part; he was earlier seen discussing Shilpa Shinde and Benafsha Soonawalla's private parts with other housemates.

Evicted contestant Lucinda Nicholas also revealed that Akash once forced her to kiss him. "Initially it was funny but it slowly turned really dirty. He kept asking me to kiss him," she alleged.

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BoldIs Arshi Khan too bold for Indian television?

Even it was in good humor, Arshi Khan should have reacted strongly to Akash's comment but surprisingly she laughed it off and did as he told.

Known for her bold personality, Arshi has been time and again warned by Bigg Boss to cover herself properly and not reveal so much but she doesn't pay any heed. Arshi also enjoys hitting on Hiten, who's married.