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11 Nov 2017

5 Bollywood classics that should be remade

Movies that should be remade

There is no denying the fact that film industry thrives on remakes when there is nothing else in hand. Remakes are often well-received by the audience.

While some movies have turned out to be disasters, some have done a fairly good job at the box office.

So here's our list of films that should be made again and who should star in them.

In context

Movies that should be remade
Mera Naam Joker: An entertaining tear-jerker


Mera Naam Joker: An entertaining tear-jerker

We sobbed everytime the clown (Raj Kapoor) in 'Mera Naam Joker' tried to entertain us at his own expense. Although it's difficult to do justice to his character but if it's ever remade, no one better than his grandson, Ranbir Kapoor can do this.

Ranbir has a knack for playing roles that push him out of his comfort-zone and Joker is certainly his thing.

Love triangle

Silsila: The infamous love triangle

'Silsila' became the talk of the town when it was released in 1980. It portrayed the real-life story of Amitabh's extra-marital affair with Rekha and how Jaya dealt with it.

If it is remade, no one better than Shahid, Kareena and Saif would fit the bill as they too had a similar love triangle.

Both real and reel resemblance would appease the audience.

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Sadma: Love knows no reason


Sadma: Love knows no reason

Although directors are already planning to remake Sadma, they are yet to decide on the cast.

Well, let's make it easier for them. Kareena and Arjun Kapoor can do complete justice to this classic.

Their chemistry in 'Ki and Ka' was loved by all and it's been a while we have seen Kareena playing a challenging role like Sridevi's in Sadma.

Crime Drama

Kala Patthar: An action-packed thriller

Amitabh's fierce action-packed character in 'Kala Patthar' can be very well played by his son Abhishek, who's well-suited for such serious roles.

As far as the character of Rakhee Gulzar is concerned, Vidya Balan who has done 'Paa' with Abhishek before can fit in well.

The film, despite many plus points, never won any awards. Let's see if its remake can get one!

Lamhe: Of encapsulating moments

Romantic drama

Lamhe: Of encapsulating moments

Anil Kapoor sacrifices his love in 'Lamhe' but 20 years later, finds himself developing romantic feelings for his dead ex-lover's daughter, Sridevi.

This coming-of-age should be remade and Alia Bhatt and Aditya Roy Kapur.

Alia has a certain amount of youthful charm and Aditya has the composure that is required for the role. So, no one can play these timeless roles better than them.

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