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16 Nov 2017

Exclusive Interview: Ekta Kapoor opens up about 'Bose'

At the promotional event of 'Bose: Dead or alive', which was held in the national capital on Wednesday, NewsBytes caught up with the de-facto queen of Indian television, Ekta Kapoor for a tete-a-tete.

From revealing how they prepped up for the movie 'Bose' to questioning the patriotism in youth, Ekta spoke quite unabashedly at the event.

Here's what she said!


On making patriotic web-series in the time of love-stories

On making patriotic web-series in the time of love-stories

According to Ekta, the reason she is making a patriotic web-series, in this time and age, is to shake the fabric of politically-correct youth, who live in a world of pretense. For them, every battle is fought on the social-media platforms.

Through Bose, she aims to reach out to the generation that isn't self-righteous. Their respect for the freedom-fighters is more real, she quipped.


About preparing for Bose

Ekta revealed that their writer spent an entire year researching on Bose before she actually wrote the script.

Earlier Rajkummar Rao had said that he underwent a lot of physical transformation to fit into the character of Bose. He also gained 12kgs and learned the Bengali language, to do justice to this character.

That's lot of hard work, Team Bose !

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On television's diminishing popularity because of web-series

On television's diminishing popularity because of web-series

Ekta had a rather hilarious take on television's diminishing popularity. She feels Indians won't stop listening to Arijit Singh even if Ed Sheeran comes to India.

It is more individualistic than anything else, she further added.

Web-content has gained a lot of popularity over the years but nothing in this world can take away the limelight from television.

When the queen says, you listen!


On Padmavati Row

Shunning the questions on the controversial movie, 'Padamavati', Ekta said that she would rather prefer answering questions about her shows.

It is obvious that she wanted to steer clear of any controversies that would unnecessary cause her trouble.

Controversies surrounding Padmavati have recently jilted the whole film industry. However, the industry has extended full support to the makers.

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