Rishi Kapoor stoops to a new low, body-shames pregnant Beyonce

22 Nov 2017 | By Ankita Chakravarti
Rishi Kapoor slammed for body-shaming

It seems controversies and Rishi Kapoor can't stay away from each other for a long time.

Now, in a fresh episode, Rishi stooped to a new low by body-shaming a heavily-pregnant Beyonce on Twitter.

If that was not enough, the Kapoor descendant even slammed a former RJ Sucharita Tyagi for calling his tweet "unfunny".

Here's how things transpired.

In context: Rishi Kapoor slammed for body-shaming

22 Nov 2017Rishi Kapoor stoops to a new low, body-shames pregnant Beyonce

Here's what Rishi Kapoor tweeted

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Repeat offenderNot the first time for Rishi Kapoor!

In Rishi's rather tasteless tweet, one can see a heavily-pregnant Beyonce in a red gown and a flower crown compared with a red flower vase.

Well, the actor doesn't seem to learn from his past mistakes. Not once but multiple times, Rishi has received flak for his tweets.

Some of his favorite Twitter activities include hurling abuses at followers by following them back.

ChatFormer RJ shares her chat with Rishi

Rishi Kapoor's unhealthy joke didn't go down well with one of his followers, a former RJ, Sucharita Tyagi, who called his tweet "unfunny."

Following this, Rishi sent a direct message to her saying that she "shouldn't follow him, if she doesn't understand humour." He also advised her to improve her sense of humor.

You have to slow down, Mr. Kapoor.

Sucharita's chat with Rishi Kapoor