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26 Nov 2017

For those who didn't know, KRK is back on Twitter!

KRK is back on Twitter!

For all fans out there, the super-famous KRK is back on Twitter!

It's been over a month that his account was suspended. Many were lamenting the absence of the larger-than-life "actor" .

And KRK didn't disappoint. Within minutes of returning, he had attacked SRK, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Kapil Sharma, the BJP… you get the drift.

Wanna read some more from his handle?

In context

KRK is back on Twitter!
The day KRK disappeared from Twitter


The day KRK disappeared from Twitter

All Twitter users in India know Kamaal Rasheed Khan as a loudmouthed, often sexist and racist, self-proclaimed "film critic".

He has picked bones with numerous members of the film industry and bashed movies left, right and centre.

But on October 18, his Twitter account was shown as "suspended".

In his signature style, he released an official statement threatening suicide if his account wasn't restored.


But why was it suspended?

Reports have it that Twitter's action against KRK came soon after he revealed the climax of 'Secret Superstar', which industry members called "extremely unethical".

Things turned worse when he criticized the movie as a "deadly slow 2.5 hours torture" and then personally attacked Aamir Khan, effectively calling him "not a good father".

Aamir filed a complaint, following which KRK's account was taken down.

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How did Fatima Sana Shaikh impress the mighty KRK?!


How did Fatima Sana Shaikh impress the mighty KRK?!

But now he's back. In his first five tweets, he announced his return; accused BJP of spreading communal disharmony; attacked the three Khans; dared to see whether SRK will "finish Critics or You'll finish yourself within next 2 years"; and called for filing of cases against "Kapil Sharma and others".

Surprisingly, he had only praises for 'Dangal' star Fatima Sana Shaikh.

KRK even messaged people to announce his return

Interestingly, screenshots of messages from KRK were in circulation on social media, in which the "actor" is seen himself spreading the word about his return to Twitter. "I am back on Twitter with new handle @KRKActor. Pls follow me if you like. Thanks."

He will now probably be busy with his next "project"

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