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01 Dec 2017

Your Weekend Watch: Firangi or Tera Intezaar?

Weekend watch: Firangi or Tera Intezaar?

This week two movies 'Firangi and 'Tera Intezaar' have made their way into the theatres.

By the looks of it, one can say that both the films are pretty dull like the previous week's releases. However, Kapil Sharma's 'Firangi' promises some respite from the otherwise torturous week.

Here are the details you should know before you head out to watch a movie this weekend!

In context

Weekend watch: Firangi or Tera Intezaar?
'Firangi mildly engaging; Tera Intezaar is gruesome'

Indian Express

'Firangi mildly engaging; Tera Intezaar is gruesome'

According to Shubhra Gupta of Indian Express, 'Firangi' fails to engage its viewers. Inspite of a solid supporting cast, it couldn't do any wonders. However, Kapil Sharma did a tolerable job as a 'Punjabi' munda.

Further, the critic questions the existence of 'Tera Intezaar' in her characteristic style. She says the wait for a perfect plot and story throughout the film doesn't end.



'Kapil Sharma to be blamed; Tera Intezaar is awful'

NDTV's Saibal Chatterjee feels Kapil Sharma is equally responsible for this bloated film as much as the screenplay. He wrote Kapil Sharma is not aware of his limitations as an actor and that is his biggest drawback.

For 'Tera Intezaar', he maintains that the film is so bad that it won't even let you sleep, even if you desperately want to doze off.

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'Firangi is numb; Tera Intezaar is torturous'

Hindustan Times

'Firangi is numb; Tera Intezaar is torturous'

The film critic from HT also resonates the same views. He says that 'Firangi' lacks screenplay; Kapil tries his guts out to flaunt his acting skills in a mundane movie like this.

For 'Tera Intezaar', he thinks that the film can be tortuously entertaining at many levels; hence he prefers to honor it with a zero star.

Wow, can't get worse than that!


Editor's take

As per reviews, both the films have tanked terribly and don't even make for a one time watch.

However, if you are a huge Kapil fan, you should go and watch 'Firangi', maybe his simpleton character can provide a refreshing break from his comic demeanour.

But the best decision would be to avoid going to the theatres, as nothing but disappointment awaits you there!

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