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08 Dec 2017

Fukrey Returns Review: Is it worth the hype?

Should you watch 'Fukrey Returns' this weekend?

Last three weeks have been pretty disappointing for all the movie buffs. This week too, there is nothing outstanding in the theatres.

'Fukrey Returns' has made its way to the theatres this week and by the reviews, one can't sniff anything but utter disappointment.

So before you head out to watch the film, read our review!

In context

Should you watch 'Fukrey Returns' this weekend?
Indian Express finds it sloggy

Indian Express

Indian Express finds it sloggy

According to Shubhra of Indian Express, this Richa Chadha and Varun Sharma starrer is a slog.

She writes: "The situations are so tired and contrived there's nothing that even such capable hands as Richa Chadha and Pankaj Tripathi can do, to retain our interest."

She states that the first one had some Delhi aspects, while in this there's none.

She gives it just 1.5.


NDTV feels 'Fukrey' should not have 'returned'

The NDTV critic feels there was no dire need of making a comeback of this film as the original was way better than the sequel.

He says: "For a film that aspires to be a full-on laugh riot, Fukrey Returns is a bit of a trudge."

"Sadly, Fukrey Returns lacks the animal instinct to heave itself out of its trough, " he adds.

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Hindustan Times critic underwent a lot of pain watching it!

Hindustan Times

Hindustan Times critic underwent a lot of pain watching it!

According to the Hindustan Times critic, the element of innocence that made Fukrey an endearing watch is missing in the sequel. Blame it on the success of the original, or the four-year-gap between the two films, 'Fukrey Returns' doesn't come close to the original.

'Fukrey Returns' is a tedious 141-minute watch which is unfunny, unintelligent and repetitive, he adds.

He also rates it 1.5/5.


Editor's take

If we go by the reviews, you should really not waste 141-minutes of your life on 'Fukrey Returns'.

As the reviews suggest, the film is not half as good as the original. So, if you are going by how 'Fukrey' was, its sequel will only leave you disappointed.

In this sad cinematic month, the best option would be to Netflix and chill!

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