Why are people bothered about Virat-Anushka's astrological charts?

11 Dec 2017 | By Ankita Chakravarti
Can we leave Virat and Anushka alone?

With people making false claims about their venue to some absolutely bizarre media antics to track down their movements in Italy, Virat and Anushka's wedding has become nothing less than a soap opera.

And now some astrologer has also predicted troubles in their marriage! Imagine, predictions being made about a marriage that has not even taken place.

Let's dig deep into the matter.

In context: Can we leave Virat and Anushka alone?

11 Dec 2017Why are people bothered about Virat-Anushka's astrological charts?

PredictionsFault in whose star?

As per reports, an astrologer named Malav Bhatt in an interview was quoted saying that Virat-Anushka's marriage will bring lots of success in their lives, but he also warned of little disputes between them.

But the question is which couple doesn't have disputes? You would be telling a white lie if you say you don't fight with your spouse/partner.

Get a life, people!

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Why are Indians so obsessed with astrology?

SuperstitiousWhy are Indians so obsessed with astrology?

We say times are changing, but sadly inspite of moving ahead with such rapidity, we haven't been able to free ourselves from the superstitious beliefs that have enslaved our minds.

Since time immemorial, we have been giving importance to what a self-proclaimed-astrologer has to say about a couple than what they actually believe in.

Is matching of stars more important than matters of hearts?

AttentionLeave Virat-Anushka alone, please!

What the frenzied media is doing with Virat,Anushka can easily pass for stalking or mass-stalking since the whole world is tracking their movements in every way possible.

Whether they decide to disclose details about their wedding or not is entirely their call, we as a nation need to focus on other important issues.

So get over Virat-Anushka, they certainly don't need your undue attention!