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26 Dec 2017

Now, royal family is apprehensive about examining Padmavati

Royal Family not keen to examine Padmavati

Trouble doesn't seem to leave Padmavati's way anytime soon.

Latest block being, member of Udaipur's royal family, Vishvaraj Singh, is apprehensive about being a part of the committee which aims to examine matters related to the controversial aspects of the film 'Padmavati'.

He feels it would open a Pandora box of trouble for him.

Here are the details!

In context

Royal Family not keen to examine Padmavati


Here's what the royal family revealed

Vishvaraj Singh, who was contacted by the CBFC chief Prasoon Joshi, stated that he would be apprehensive about assessing the film.

'I have very strong reservations about seeing the film as to my mind it will open a Pandora's box of new and pointless discussions," he said.

He further termed the film as 'an embodiment of unprofessional and unethical style of functioning'.

Release date

Earlier, Shahid had also expressed his concern for Padmavati

Earlier, in an interactive session with media, Shahid who is also a part of the movie, had said that the wait was killing him. But, the movie is, perhaps, slated to be released soon.

He further said, "It's going to be historic. It's going to be memorable. By the end of the year, we will have some clarity about the release date of Padmavati."

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