Bigg Boss makers introduce unique voting technique in Season 11

04 Jan 2018 | By Ankita Chakravarti
Bigg Boss 11 voting in the mall

The eleventh season of Bigg Boss is in its fourteenth week, which is also the semi-finale week with only six contestants left in the house.

As the week is heading towards its end and the elimination day is near, the makers of Bigg Boss have closed the voting lines. They have come up with an interesting voting game, this time.

Here are the details.

In context: Bigg Boss 11 voting in the mall

04 Jan 2018Bigg Boss makers introduce unique voting technique in Season 11

Details What will be the voting process?

As the makers have closed the voting lines, the four nominated contestants will travel to Inorbit mall in Mumbai and will be locked up in a jail.

From the jail, they will have to make an appeal to the people to save them from this week's eviction. Through a ballot box, people will decide the fate of the four nominated contestants.

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How will the task be carried out?

TaskHow will the task be carried out?

Four nominated contestants will be blindfolded and taken in an Innova to Mumbai from their set in Lonavala.

They will be accompanied by more than 35 security guards. The voting task will be carried out today from 6-7 pm in Mumbai's inorbit mall, situated in Vashi.

The contestant with least votes will be ousted from the show this Saturday.

EvictionHere's who can be evicted

Amongst the four evicted contestants, Vikas, Hina, Shilpa and Luv, Luv has managed to save himself by winning the ticket to finale task.

Now, the insiders reveal that in place of Luv, Akash Dadlani has been sent to the mall.

So, the chances of Akash getting evicted from the show due to fewer votes are high, the insiders added.