Zero's Teaser: Poet slams Shah Rukh for not giving credits

05 Jan 2018 | By Ankita Chakravarti
Whose line was it, anyway?

On January 1, Shah Rukh Khan tweeted the teaser of his film 'Zero' along with the lines "Ticket liye baithe hain log meri zindagi ki, tamasha bhi poora hona chahiye."

But soon after his tweet, the Twitterati mocked him for not giving credits to the poet who actually wrote those lines.

Now, the director Aanand Rai promises to make amends.

Here are the details.

In context: Whose line was it, anyway?

05 Jan 2018Zero's Teaser: Poet slams Shah Rukh for not giving credits

This is what SRK had tweeted

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DetailsBut, whose line was it, anyway?

According to Twitterati, the lines used by SRK on his Twitter post were written by Mithilesh Baria, who lives in Vadodara.

Several Twitter users pointed out to the actor and director Aanand L Rai that the lines used to promote were used without giving any credit.

Baria has been writing short verses since 2011 and is quite a rage on Twitter.

CreditsHowever, Rai has apologized and promises to give credit

Post this incident, Rai called Baria on January 3 and admitted that a blunder had been done by the creative team. He acknowledged that the quote was published without giving credits.

Clarifying the same, he said, "Even I was not aware of what tweet was being used to promote the film. If a person's work is being used, of course, he will be credited."