More leopard sightings in Bengaluru reported

10 Feb 2016 | Written by Ramya ; Edited by Vaneet Randhawa
Leopards sighted around Bengaluru

Two days after the capture of a leopard in Vibgyor High School, Whitefield and surround areas were abuzz as more leopard sightings were reported.

The frightened residents started to burst crackers and lit a grove on fire on Tuesday night.

About 40 forest officials and local police after descending to the area confirmed the presence of another leopard.

In context: Leopards sighted around Bengaluru

7 Jun 2014Leopards spotted on the outskirts of Bengaluru

About 50 residents claimed to have spotted a leopard or two along with a cub on the rocks near their residential complex on Kanakapura Road.

The forest officials turned up promptly and burst crackers to scare the leopards.

Leopard pugmarks were also found on a school football ground nearby.

The residents were advised to maintain garbage-free premises and to be careful at night.

Why are leopards entering cities?

Leopards are losing their habitats as urban boundaries are expanding day-by-day. As a result, they are forced to enter human habitats looking for their prey and water.
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Truck runs over leopard on NICE Road

17 Feb 2015Truck runs over leopard on NICE Road

A three-year-old male leopard was killed when a speeding truck ran over it.

The incident took place on NICE Road near Kanakapura, when the leopard was trying to cross the road.

The passers-by informed the forest officials when they found the leopard lying dead on the road.

Reportedly, the spinal cord of the leopard was damaged leading to its instant death.

Roads turn killers for leopards in Karnataka

Studies say that since 2009, as many as 25 leopards were killed in road-accidents in Karnataka, while 19 of them were killed in non-protected areas. Despite the measures taken by authorities, vehicular accidents top the list of threats faced by leopards.

8 Feb 2016Leopard enters school in Bengaluru, two injured

A leopard was sighted in Vibgyor School at Marathahalli during the early hours of Sunday.

Two teams of forest officials searched and set two cages in the premises of the school.

The terrified leopard attacked the officials when they tried to tranquilize it.

After waiting for an hour, the officials confirmed that the leopard was asleep, and it was taken to a rescue centre.

9 Feb 2016Leopard spreads terror among people

The terror-stricken residents of Whitefield were utterly scared to step out of their buildings after the recent leopard attack.

The leopard mauled a wildlife conservationist, Sanjay Gubbi and a forest driver.

The driver was discharged after getting treated for gashes, whereas Sanjay, who suffered chipped bones, is undergoing treatment.

The worried residents feel that it not safe to live in areas near forest lands.

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10 Feb 2016More leopard sightings in Bengaluru reported

11 Feb 2016Schools shut after Bengaluru put on leopard-alert

Hundreds of schools on the outskirts of Bengaluru remained shut due to the leopard scare in the area.

A leopard had been sighted near a private school which had parents and schools in the area worried that the leopard might cause bodily harm to the children.

Government officials will convene to decide when the 130 private and state-run schools will re-open.