Drunk 'Jon Snow' is thrown out of a bar. Twice.

07 Jan 2018 | By Gogona Saikia
Drunk and disorderly Kit Harrington caught on camera

The ever-charming Jon Snow aka Kit Harrington, the King in the North who's smitten with his 'wildling' love Ygritte aka Rose Leslie, has landed in a scandal.

Apparently, the Game of Thrones star was kicked out of a New York bar after he got too disorderly, TMZ reported. He was caught on camera too.

But some loyal fans have come to his defense.

In context: Drunk and disorderly Kit Harrington caught on camera

07 Jan 2018Drunk 'Jon Snow' is thrown out of a bar. Twice.

The video that is now going viral

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What on earth happened?

DetailsWhat on earth happened?

Harrington was at Barfly in the Gramercy Park neighborhood in NYC. The drunk actor is seen banging on the pool table and arguing with bouncers and patrons.

As he brushes past people, a woman is heard telling him, "Say excuse me." He appears to comply, then she moves aside.

He left the bar when asked, but returned and had to be physically removed.

ReactionsDespite criticism, loyal fans stand up for Harrington

People had mixed reactions. @Bruhhskii recalled how the star had apparently cursed him "viciously" when asked for a picture.

There was @acgontargaryen, who said they too had been kicked out of bars, passed out and vomited after getting drunk. "Who are you all to judge him?"

@squaltermann said if he was present, he would help Harrington instead of "selling him out to a tabloid".

Snow-LeslieSnow lost Ygritte in GoT, but gets her in real-life!

Harrington, who met Leslie on the sets of GoT, proposed to her last summer after dating for five years.

"If you're already attracted to someone, and they play your love interest in the show, it becomes very easy to fall in love," Harrington had said.

In GoT, Ygritte dies in Snow's arms after a brief affair, but their real-life love story is just beginning.