After death threat, armed men reach Salman's 'Race 3' sets

11 Jan 2018 | By Ankita Chakravarti

Few days ago, a news flourished about a notorious gangster threatening to kill Salman Khan. At that time, the police maintained that there was nothing to worry, but things have taken an ugly turn since then.

On Wednesday, a few armed men reached Salman's film 'Race 3' sets at Film City, Mumbai and were seen heading towards him, according to Mumbai Mirror.

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In context: Should Salman Khan be worried?

11 Jan 2018After death threat, armed men reach Salman's 'Race 3' sets

DetailsHere's what the insiders revealed

The insiders revealed that when these armed people were approaching Salman's sets, the police sensed the danger and alerted the superstar. Post that, the actor's shooting was cancelled, and he was escorted home by the cops.

It is suspected that they were from the same gangster, Lawrence's group. But, there has not been any clarity on the matter as of now.

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What does the police have to say?

"The police are taking Bishnoi's threat seriously but we have assured Salman that he will receive maximum police protection. We are also investigating the motive behind Bishnoi's threat to Salman," a senior inspector said.
But, what is Lawrence's connection with Salman?

ConnectionBut, what is Lawrence's connection with Salman?

Salman Khan's poaching case was brought up by Bishnoi community in Jodhpur. Since then, the community considers the Bollywood actor a "villain" and is against him. Lawrence belongs to the same community.

Notably, this is not the first time Salman has received death threats. Last year, the actor reportedly had gotten threats over the phone from an anonymous caller.

Stay safe, Bhai!